Questions to Ask the Builder

  • Is the builder a member of a local builders association?
  •  Does the Builder hold any Professional Accreditations?
  •  How long has your company been in business?
  •  Is the builder insured for liability?
  •  What is the builder?s status with their financial institutions?
  •  Does the builder pay all subcontractors on time, in accordance to work performed?
  •  Will the builder provide supplier and subcontractor references?
  •  Can the builder display long term working relationships with their subcontractors and suppliers?
  •  What is the builder?s record for completing projects on time?
  •  Does the builder visit the work site daily?
  •  Has the builder ever been involved in a dispute that led to litigation, arbitration or mediation?

There may be many reasons why potential homeowners choose a builder, below are four areas to consider:

1. Price- The best builder is not the least expensive, but they should not be the most expensive either. Great companies provide value with quality products.

2. Customer Service - Quality customer service and good communication from the inception of your project typically extends through the construction process and beyond completion.

3. Quality - Providing only quality products and workmanship.

4. References - Gather references from both previous customers and suppliers.

Building a custom home is a relationship. Building a home with someone you do not like, respect or trust will prove to be frustrating and a disappointment. After researching and asking your questions, it will become obvious which company you should choose. The company that wants your business will prove to you they are the right builder and will work with your interests in mind. Home building comes down to TRUST. Take time to decide which builder you would like to use - but when you decide, you must be loyal to them. 

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