High Performance Homes

We specialize in High Performance homes combining a "whole house" systems approach to a maximize energy efficiency while minimizing the use of natural resources. We combine advanced framing techniques, calculated mechanical systems and custom insulation packages to insure our customers a lifetime of comfort and savings. By utilizing these techniques we can:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Reduce material waste
  • Reduce operational cost (utility expense)
  • Improve indoor air quality and comfort
Gentry Custom Homes is dedicated to building the most cost effective, energy efficient home possible while improving your quality of life and reducing the carbon footprint for future generations, allowing us to create homes that are not only beautiful, but sustainable.

Gentry Custom Homes Utilizes:

  • Engineered Foundations
  • Advanced Framing - Allowing more insulation in wall cavities
  • Tighter Construction - Sealing all air penetrations
  • Foam Insulation - Creating a totally encapsulated thermal envelope
  • Moisture Barrier Protection - Entire home is wrapped and sealed
  • HVAC (Manual J Load Calculated) - 16 Seer/2 Stage Variable Speed
  • 95% Efficient Furnace
  • Energy Star Low E Vinyl Windows
  • Tankless LP/Propane Water Heaters
  • Energy Star Appliance and Lighting

Energy Star

Energy Star is a nationally recognized, US Government sponsored program, created in part to help consumers make smart decisions that can significantly reduce their monthly utility cost.

Energy Star utilizes a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) which is a numerical rating of a homes energy efficiency. However when reading a HERS energy scale, the lower the number the better. When looking to purchase a new home, ask the builder to provide you with a Certified Third Party Inspection Report and HERS Index Score. This will ensure you receive the equipment and performance ratings you are promised.

The HERS test scores on our homes consistently rate 40% - 50% better than the standard code built home. As energy efficiency continues to be a top priority of today?s home buyers, let us show you how to make as much as a 33% return on investment!


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