Reggie & Kari

Reggie and Kari
We just had a home built for us by Gentry Custom Homes in Midlothian.  From the initial phone conversation with Frank, the experience was exceptional. We met with Frank and his wife Kristin, saw their quality of workmanship and also asked others (the bank, the architect etc) of their opinion about Gentry Custom Homes. Since our home was going to be something that we spent the most money on, I took the time to teach myself about various aspects and factors of home building. From the very beginning, they let it be known that they do not compromise on quality – they will not always be the cheapest builder, but they will not substitute subpar materials to win someone’s business. As I was asking all of the questions about insulation, brick, stone, lumber, foundation, various assumed allowances and materials and more – the more questions I asked, the more I saw that Frank will not do anything to cut corners. On the other hand, I couldn’t say the same about all other builders – the more questions I asked, the “harrier” it got. At the end of the day, it was all about trust: we trusted that they would build us our dream home with integrity, highest possible quality, listening to our wishes and working with us every step along the way.

Other things that you will receive, but may or may not from other builders:

• Financial transparency. You will see every invoice, every week, on the same day, just like clockwork. 
• All contractors respect Frank and Kristin. Throughout the building process, I must have spoken to 10+ contractors that Frank uses. Every single one of them has almost gone out of their way to say that Frank is the best builder they work with. Sometimes they just start talking about Gentry Custom Homes without me even soliciting any type of opinion – they just feel the need to let the customer know that you are working with the best builder you can find.
• Frank will hold all contractors accountable. Rest assured that Frank is always on the customer’s side, no matter who the contractor is. If something needs to be corrected, redone or done differently, Frank has no problem ensuring that the contractor comes out twice, three, four times etc to get the job done the right way. 
• Great reputation. Everyone from the banks to the title company, from the cleaning crew to the guy laying the foundation – everyone has a very high opinion of Gentry Custom Homes. Again, sometimes without solicitation, people will spend 10-15 minutes telling you how great Frank and Kristin are. 
• The finished product will exceed your expectations. After everything is said and done, once you unload all of your belongings in your new home and start living in it, you will start feeling the quality, the attention to detail and everything else that your home has. 

Overall, if you are doing research on custom home builders, you have to have Gentry Custom Homes on your list of candidates. I would dare anyone to benchmark any other builder versus Frank and Kristin, just talk to them, analyze their approach and make your own decision. If you do decide to use Gentry Custom Homes, you will have that ultimate end result that you are looking for – your dream home. We know, because we have ours. ~ Reggie and Kari

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  • Brian & Margaret
    "It was great to have Gentry Custom Homes not only as our builder, but as our friends.  Thank you for such a great experience."

  • Rande & Judy
    "The quality of the design and materials is rivaled only by the quality of the workmanship."

  • Bill & Stormi
    "What an exciting and fun experience this has been, building our beautiful new home...  Thank you Frank for helping us to realize our dream!"

  • Brent & Gayle
    "The willingness to satisfy his customer was obvious from start to finish...  I would gladly recommend Gentry Custom Homes to any interested party looking for a custom home."

  • Randy & Pat
    "You can’t believe the complements we get from all our guests about the details and quality of the work... It is just inconceivable to us that anyone would even consider building their house with anyone but Gentry Custom Homes. We’d be happy to discuss our experience with anyone who is considering building their next home." 

  • Earl & Pat
    I am a retired United States Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant who considers integrity one of the most important characteristics of an individual.  In working with Frank Gentry I found that trait to be apparent in all the dealings I had with him.  In addition, in speaking with many of his suppliers, they felt the same way.  

  • Fred & Rhonda
    "Gentry Custom Homes commitment to quality and customer satisfaction was evident in all steps of the process from Design to Closing. I would recommend Gentry Custom Homes to friends and associates that are interested in building a new home."

  • Debbie & John
    "It’s hard to find a builder like you, (Frank Gentry) so willing to go the extra mile to make it right for the owner. You’ve truly made us our dream custom home."

  • Chelli & Heath
    "We were very impressed with the open floor plan and the materials used throughout the home.  Frank has impeccable customer service values. He has always taken immediate action with any kind of "quirks" that might go on with a new home and taken care of it right away. We would choose a Gentry Custom Homes again if we were ever to build a new custom home."

  • Christy & Jim
    Our experience with Frank Gentry of Gentry Custom Homes was without a doubt exceptional.  We have gone through the building of two orthodontic offices, one custom home and the remodeling of a condominium.  The experience of building our home with Frank was by far the most FUN (yes, I said fun!) and stress free.  
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