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As a builder, the number one question I get asked is “what is the square foot price” for one of our homes. The answer is based on a variety of factors. It depends on the size of the home, the complexity of the plan and the custom amenities/specifications of the home. Gentry Custom Homes does not have pre-selected or production house plans with limited amenity selections to create a pre-determined sales price.

As a true custom builder, I would ask you to consider the cost of ownership vs. production price per square foot pricing. We all have a budget…what is yours? This needs to be discussed with your builder prior to designing a plan to ensure that the home you are dreaming of fits within your desired budget.

The size of the home, amenities, and banking (current market rates, closing costs etc.) determine the mortgage. Energy efficiency of the home is a BIG factor. Is the home energy efficient…what type of insulation? What type of windows are used? What type of HVAC system? Tank hot water heater or tankless hot water heater? What type of lighting is used? Is the home HERS rated? Energy Star rated? The mortgage and the cost of utilities determine the cost of ownership of your home.

Recently we conducted a survey of previous clients who have been in their homes for over a year and asked they give us an average of electricity bills for the past 12 months. The homes ranged from 2400 sf to over 4000 sf and averaged between $70.00 to $100.00 per month. How does that compare to your current electricity bills?

A reputable builder will be honest and transparent in assisting you with determining the overall cost of ownership based on the budget you want to achieve.

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