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In our previous blog, we discussed home value regarding quality, speed, service or price. Once you are prepared with this information, you should meet with your builder of choice.

Choosing the right builder for your family can be difficult, but the results are well worth the effort. Don’t rush this step. A good builder will use his experience to make sure things go smoothly, ensuring that you get the service you want. Before making any phone calls, put some thought into both your project and your budget.

When deciding what to look for when choosing a builder, ask yourself the following questions. If you are not satisfied with the answers you might consider selecting another contractor.

Do they return your phone calls promptly? – Nothing can say more about a company than how well they deal with returning customer phone calls and staying in touch with the homeowner.

Do they stick to their appointments? – Things always seem to come up when they are least expected so sometimes it cannot be helped. One missed appointment is probably acceptable as long as the builder did his best to contact you prior to missing the appointment.

How was their presentation? – Product knowledge is hard to fake. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to. A good builder knows that well informed consumers turn into satisfied customers.

Does your builder inspire confidence? – Your builder should provide intelligent ideas, creative thinking, and good advice. His knowledge and experience may tell him that there is a better, more cost-effective way to complete the project, which can ultimately provide more job for the money.

Can you trust him/her? – The person that you will hire will be working on and around your home and family.

Do you actually like him/her? – Good builders are never pushy, arrogant, or hard to talk to. Look for someone that is reasonable relaxed and not in a big rush. Choose someone that encourages your ideas and enjoys your input. Always try to maintain an open mind and listen to their suggestions, after all, it is his trade and business experience that you are really paying for.

Below are questions you should not hesitate to ask the builder when you meet with them, if they are not covered during the initial meeting.

  1. Is the builder a member of a national or local builders association?

  2. Does the builder hold any certified construction designations?

  3. How long has the company been in business?

  4. Is the builder insured for liability?

  5. Can the builder display long term working relationships with their subcontractors and suppliers?

  6. What is the builder’s record for completing projects on time? On budget?

  7. Does the builder visit the worksite daily?

  8. Has the builder ever been involved in a dispute that let to litigation, arbitration or mediation?

  9. How many homes does the builder complete in a year? Volume does not mean more experience.

  10. Is there a list of references?

  11. Are construction inspections part of the process? Who performs the inspections?

  12. Can I visit a jobsite/jobsites?

At this stage of deciding who you want to build your home it is more about the relationship, experience, customer satisfaction and integrity of the company. Anyone can make a home beautiful…it is the items that you do not see that are more important.

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