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When choosing your builder, you need to determine what you value in order to help you decide what is important: quality, speed, service or price. For instance, is it reasonable to expect that you will get a builder who will provide a fair transparent price with great quality? Great service and a timely finish?

  1. Quality – A good company prides itself on providing a quality product, especially in the custom home market. They encourage prospective homeowners to look closely at past work they have done for other homeowners and affirm they would be pleased with the excellent workmanship the company provides. Comfort with quality, luxury and outstanding craftsmanship.

  2. Speed – An on-time finish is important. There could be times due to weather or material delays that can delay a project, but you should not be waiting on your builder to move the project along at his convenience.

  3. Service – A builder with exceptional custom service will provide good communication and attend to the homeowner’s needs before, during and after their home is completed.

  4. Price – The best builder is usually not the cheapest; but consider this…they are probably not the most expensive either. Great companies deliver good value for the home you are building and the location in which you build. An honest builder charges at or below market value for the level of service and quality product they provide. Very seldom is the cheapest price the best choice for a homebuyer.

If cost is your most important value, then choose the contract with the lowest price. However, if you value quality, be sure you look for the excellent workmanship. You can get the results you want in a quality, custom home; just be sure to select your builder on what YOU truly value. Most importantly, choose a builder who YOU trust. It is imperative you conduct your due diligence on perhaps the biggest investment you will make.

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