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Always ask for references! This is such an important step in choosing a builder. The home building process is a relationship and you will be in constant contact with your builder in the design stage, through construction, and well after the completion on your future home. References include past clients, suppliers and even the lending institutions that work with them. Below are some questions that may assist you when talking to references.

  1. Why did you choose your builder?

  2. Did your builder demonstrate good character, honesty and integrity?

  3. Did you feel that your builder had your best interests in mind?

  4. How was the communication?

  5. What were the builder’s best qualities?

  6. Was the builder continually conscious about materials and craftsmanship?

  7. Pending any weather-related delays beyond control, were they organized and efficient with continual progression on scheduling with contractors? How long did it take to build the home?

  8. Do you feel the job site was kept clean and orderly with daily onsite supervision?

  9. Were you included in the walk-throughs on items such as plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, closet/pantry trim layouts…to ensure everything was tailored to your needs?

  10. Was your builder transparent in both financial and construction matters regarding your home?

  11. Were you continually updated on budget and allowance items?

  12. Was your home completed within budget?

  13. Would you do anything differently if you built another home?

  14. Would you recommend the builder to friends and family?

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