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Building a home is probably one of the biggest investments you will ever make. You will want to know where to put your money to get the most value for your investment.

You need to consider all factors… not just the home itself. Where are you building? Are there City/County/Subdivision Fees? What about the excavation of the property? Landscaping? The pricing of your home should include EVERYTHING! A good builder will assist you with this step to lend cost effective advice.

Determining your needs vs. wants is a great place to start. Sit down and write down the needs vs. wants and number them by importance. This will save time, energy and money! Discussing this with your builder prior to designing a plan is imperative!

  1. Design Services – invest in a competent designer and design team

  2. Kitchen – spend money on the kitchen, most buyers will never complain about a kitchen being too large, too much counter space or too many cabinets

  3. Appliances – choose quality to ensure longevity

  4. Family Room – this is where you gather with family and friends, make it an inviting space

  5. Master Bath – this is your retreat, a place to relax and unwind. This is a great return on investment!

  6. Room Size – make sure rooms are large enough to meet your needs

  7. Closets – never underestimate the value of roomy walk in closets, linen closets and laundry rooms

  8. Energy Efficiency – HVAC, Windows, Foam Insulation, LED Lighting etc.

Overall you want to ensure that you and your builder are on the same page, working within the budget you have shared and designing your home on how YOU will be living in it, not the builder.

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